How to Tie a Tie

Knowing how to tie a tie is essential for all men today. The following are instructions on how to tie a tie.

  • Overview - Quick overview of necktie tying.

  • The Four-in-Hand knot - Most popular type of knot and easiest to learn, probably over 80% of tie wearers knot their ties with this. The knot is long and straight but slightly lopsided.

  • The Half-Windsor knot A medium triangular knot that is considered more formal than the four-in-hand.

  • The Windsor knot - A wide triangular knot that is usually worn for formal occasions, this type of knot should be worn with wide spread collar shirts.

  • The Pratt/Shelby knot - A Semi-wide knot, when beginning to tie this knot the tie is turned outward.

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