Buying a Tie

  • Try on the tie and make sure it ties a knot well.

  • The best material for ties are either silk or a polyester and silk blend.

  • The inside of a tie should be lined with stiff material to give shape to the body.

  • Standard neckties range in lengths from 52 to 58 inches, if you are a real tall guy, you may need to custom order a longer tie.

  • If you are going to buy a tie for a suit you already own, bring it with you when shopping for it to make sure that it matches your suit.

  • The lining of a tie hold its shape. High quality ties are lined with either 100% wool or some sort of wool mixture. A higher percentage of wool means higher quality.

  • High quality ties are cut across the fabric (cut on the bias), this allows the tie to fall straight without curling after being knotted . To test for this, loop the tie on your hand and see if it begins to twirl in the air, if it doesn't then it's a high quality tie.

  • Inspect the tie closely and carefully look for loose threads and miss-weaves.

  • As with most things, the more you spend, the higher the quality.

  • If a silk tie feels rough to the touch, that means the silk is of inferior quality.

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