Wearing a Tie

  • Avoid wearing clip-on ties, they are unproffesional.

  • The front point of your tie should be just long enough to touch the waist of your pants.

  • Your tie should be darker than the color of your shirt.

  • Avoid wearing ties that are too bright.

  • The general width of a tie is 3.5 inches, this width will not fall out of style.

  • The width of a tie should be approximately the same width of the coat's lapel, if the lapel is wide, the tie should be wide and if the lapel is narrow the tie should be narrow.

  • The knot of the tie should be proportional to the collar, it should not be too big where it spreads the collar or forces it open and it shouldn't be too small that it becomes lost in the collar.

  • The color of your tie should not clash with your outfit but the colors should not be so similar that they fade into the suit.

  • The main color of a patterned tie should complement your suit and the secondary color should pick up your shirt.

  • The texture of the tie should go with your outfit, for instance a shiny silk tie should go with a shiny silk shirt and a wool tie should be worn with a wool suit.

  • When wearing a shirt, tie and jacket wear up to a maximum of 2 patterned pieces unless you have a very solid fashion sense and know how to mix and match well.

  • Tie your tie in front of a mirror to ensure proper tying.

  • Make sure your shirt is buttoned up and have the collar up before putting on your tie.

  • Keep the knot of the tie tight throughout the tying process.

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