Tie a Necktie: Half-Windsor Knot

Tie a Necktie: The Half-Windsor knot is a medium triangular knot that is considered more formal than the four-in-hand.

Tie a Necktie Half-Windsor Knot

1. Begin with the wide end on your right and extending about a foot below the narrow end of your tie. (Pictures are mirror images, in other words images are what you would see if you were looking in a mirror.)

2. Bring the wide end of the tie over the narrow (right side to left side).

3. Bring the wide end back underneath (left side to right side).

4. Bring the wide end of the tie through the middle of the loop (right side to left side).

5. Bring the wide end around the front (left side to right side).

6. Bring the wide end of the tie through the back of the loop (right side to center).

7. Hold the front of the knot loose with your index finger; pass the wide end down through loop (created in step 5) in the front.

8. Remove your finger and tighten the knot

9. Hold the narrow end of the tie and slide the knot up to the collar.

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