Caring for your Tie

  • A properly cared for tie can last you virtually forever.

  • Hang up your ties, it helps take out some of the wrinkles. Knit ties can be stretched when hung, so gently roll them up and store them in a drawer.

  • Hang ties up on a rack designed for that purpose. Ties slip and twist on hangers, and will probably fall off.

  • Rolling up the tie from the narrow end first and leaving it for a couple of days will remove wrinkles in the tie.

  • Storing ties out of the light prevents fading.

  • For traveling, loosely roll ties and place them inside a pair of socks or use a tie case.

  • Cut any loose threads on your tie. Pulling them can do major damage to your tie.

  • Don't wear the same tie twice in a row, ties need time to return to its normal shape.

  • Always unknot your tie when you are not wearing it, leaving it knotted can damage the tie and cause create permanent wrinkles.

  • To untie your tie, reverse the tying procedure. Pulling the smaller end through the knot can cause the tie to stretch out of shape.

  • Don't wad up your tie, it twists the lining inside of the tie and damages it.

  • Steam your ties, try to avoid ironing your tie. Hard ironing flattens the body and can cause the material to shine.

  • To steam your tie, hang it in the bathroom when showering or hold your tie over a boiling pot of water(don't let the tie touch the water) on the stove to steam out the wrinkles.

  • If you find it necessary to iron the tie, cover it with a cotton cloth to protect the fabric then iron it on a low setting.

  • Do not wash your tie, most ties will shrink unevenly when washed in water due to different shrink rates of the various materials inside of the tie.

  • Do not bring your tie to commercial dry cleaners, when ties are pressed, the inside "gum" of the tie becomes damaged and silk ties will lose their luster

  • Be careful not to get any cologne on your tie when putting it on, cologne can damage the color of ties.

  • Do not rub stains, it causes fabric abrasion and loss of color, instead blot the affected region.

  • If there is a stain on your tie, blot the area and let it dry, then gently scrape the surface with your fingernail or rub the small end of the tie on the stain.

  • More serious stains can be removed with spot remover or other mild cleaning agents. Test the remover in an inconspicuous area (such as the back of the tie) first to make sure the remover won't damage the tie.

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